Three purposes behind one

I believe this post may have some revisions in future though the three items that will remain constant are the three reasons why I am running the Edinburgh Marathon. (We could add a fourth reason about why it specifically is Edinburgh!)

  1. I want to achieve something which seemed impossible to me until a few years ago. One fine morning, I pulled up my socks and signed up for a half marathon. I have done three of them officially and now ready for my big one. My target is to be sub 4 hour.
  2. I want to raise money for mental health and learning disability through ThreeCs. The topic is close to my heart and the team at ThreeCs does an amazing job that we all are proud of. Here is more about that:
  3. I am breaking this goal into baby steps in the next 9 – 10 months that boil down to baby-steps. Humongous goals have been achieved by doing consistent baby-steps – I am practically using the steps mentioned by YB12 and The Slight Edge. I will share a summary of the book – the simple message is about the power of consistency of the steps, however small they may be.


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